Enhance Road Sense With Class 5 Driving Lessons

Get your class 5 license with the best training school in British Columbia. Benche Driving School has the finest and most highly trained professionals who have helped hundreds of new learners get their driver’s licenses. Our institute has been serving Canada by delivering quality driving courses to produce safe future operators. People around the region rely on us to get quality Class 5 driving Lessons in Vancouver.

Class 5 License Test

Class 5 driving lessons make you eligible to operate any 2-axle vehicle and all motors without air brakes. With this permit, you cannot drive a motorcycle, truck, taxi, or ambulance. However, getting a class 5 driving license is not a piece of cake. You must pass the driving and knowledge tests, where the examiner will assess your skills and basic understanding. The knowledge test involves a basic understanding of road signals, vehicle operation, lanes, and other road information.

After the knowledge test comes the road test. The coach will ask you to drive through hurdles and evaluate your driving skills in this exam. You need to represent active observation skills throughout the trial. You will be asked to execute specific tasks like parking, reversing, turning, and suddenly stopping to assess your response to abrupt situations.

Choose The Best Class 5 Driving Lessons In Vancouver

To get the best driving lessons in Canada, put your trust in Benche driving school. Our professional staff helps you grow and focus on improving your road skills. Not only do they provide a thorough training session, but they also offer knowledge-based coaching. 

Our instructors also enhance your decision-making skills by providing different puzzles and exciting activities. These cheap driving lessons, yet effective training sessions not only help you pass the class 5 license test but also makes you witty to deal with accidental situations.

Our Benefits

Promising Professional Personalized Guidance in English or Mandarin Chinese


Qualified and Patient Instructor

Our ICBC Licensed Instructor has more than 17 years of teaching experience in Vancouver. He had helped numerous students obtain their class 5, and 7 driving licenses in a short period of time. So join us and get your driving license on the first try.


Flexibility & Personalized Plan

Flexible scheduling is designed around your busy schedule. The lesson can happen in the region where you will have the road test. Help zero experienced students and refreshers gain confidence and have defensive and preventative driving skills.


Road Test Rental

If you don’t have a car and someone to accompany you for the road test, Benche Driving School provides a car renting service for road driving tests. You can get our services at reasonable prices. So, Get in touch today.

Our Features

The examiner at the test center will check if you can drive carefully on highways and high-traffic roads. Lastly, how you handle emergencies will also be assessed. Benche Driving School has trained professionals who will work day and night to ensure you excel in the tests and get your license with 100% success.

We take pride in providing custom driving lessons to all individuals. This way, we keep everyone’s needs in mind and decide the time and course material accordingly. We also cater to the necessities of individuals with special care, including amputees, injured, or those who suffered a stroke. Our classes are personalized and in-depth and cover convenient payment plans.

Experience the Most Comprehensive Driving Lessons

So, if you want high-quality, thorough, and expert class 5 driving lessons in Vancouver, Benche driving school is the institution for you. For more information, call us on 778-859-5752 and learn more about our comprehensive class 5 driving lessons.

Class 5 Driving Lessons

Get our class 5 driving lessons and pass the road test at first attempt.

Defensive Driving Skills

We provides complete defensive driving lesson to help you become a safe driver
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