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To get the most comprehensive and expert class 5 driving lessons in Burnaby, tune over to Benche Driving School. From experienced trainers to entire course driving techniques, we have the best way forward for all the learners out there. The immense amount of positive response we get from our former students speaks for the quality of our services.

Class 5 License in Canada

Class 5 license is required to drive any single-engine vehicle which omits motorbikes. You can also operate any 2-axle motor vehicle, a moped, and also a trailer without air brakes. However, you cannot drive an automobile with a seating capacity of more than 15 passengers. The following are the requirements for getting a class 5 GDL: 

  • Above 16 years of age
  • One year of driving experience with a class 7 license 
  • Valid ID
  • Canadian residence proof 
  • A permission letter from parents for candidates under 18
  • For a full class 5 (non-GDL) permit, you need to fulfill the following criteria:
  • Above 18 years of age
  • Two years of driving experience with a class 5 GDL
  • Valid ID
  • No suspension in the last year 
  • A resident of Canada    

To get the license, you need to clear a knowledge exam, a vision test, and a driving test.   

Certified class 5 driving lessons in Burnaby

One of the reasons people prefer our driving lessons Burnaby is the customized approach and setting of the course outline per the learner’s understanding. We provide various courses and cheap driving lessons for people of all ages, including a class 5 training, and make getting a license easier through our detailed outlines.

Whether you are trying to improve your driving, need to upgrade your automobile handling habits, or looking for new insights to ensure driving safely, you can trust Benche Driving School for your needs. 

You may have a class 7 driving license as a teen, but there are still many more things to learn if you want to drive heavy vehicles as an adult. Poor understanding of safety tips and driving techniques can lead to road hassle. Moreover, you also require thorough driver training to pass that license test.

Our Benefits

Promising Professional Personalized Guidance in English or Mandarin Chinese


Qualified and Patient Instructor

Our ICBC Licensed Instructor has more than 17 years of teaching experience in Vancouver. He had helped numerous students obtain their class 5, and 7 driving licenses in a short period of time. So join us and get your driving license on the first try.


Flexibility & Personalized Plan

Flexible scheduling is designed around your busy schedule. The lesson can happen in the region where you will have the road test. Help zero experienced students and refreshers gain confidence and have defensive and preventative driving skills.


Road Test Rental

If you don’t have a car and someone to accompany you for the road test, Benche Driving School provides a car renting service for road driving tests. You can get our services at reasonable prices. So, Get in touch today.

Chinese Speaking Instructors

We have certified teachers for class 5 lessons at your institute who can deliver expert advice to people of all backgrounds, regardless of their level of understanding. In addition, they can provide instructions in both English and Chinese language.

We provide training in both English and in Chinese. Our Chinese instructors are native and have a complete grasp of the language. Moreover, they are expert drivers and have years of experience in the field. You can rely on them for class 5 driving lessons in Burnaby. They also offer non-GDL full class 5 training. Thus, if you or your friends and family prefer a Chinese-speaking driving instructor in Burnaby, Canada, you are at the right place. Benche can take care of your needs. We keep all your requirements and likings in mind before making a custom teaching plan for you. Our institute can get you through every phase of life with confidence and understanding.

The Best Institute in Burnaby

We will get all your road confusion cleared with our training. We take both an informational and experimental approach to driving and cover each and every aspect of driving all motor vehicles thoroughly. The trainers encourage all types of students, including slow and fast learners, and personalize the course outline as per their level of understanding. So, get on the path to becoming an expert driver with our class 5 driving lessons in Burnaby. We offer various deals as per the course outline. You can get more information by calling our helpline and selecting a package for yourself. Let’s get driving!

Class 5 Driving Lessons

Get our class 5 driving lessons and pass the road test at first attempt.

Defensive Driving Skills

We provides complete defensive driving lesson to help you become a safe driver
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