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Become a skilled driver with world-class driving instructors at Benche Driving School. Our whole team works 24/7 to ensure every student here gets the best learning experience of their life. To get the best driving instructor in Richmond, call experts at our institute. We offer comprehensive 5, and 7 driving courses with top-class and qualified driving school coach Xie to create the most confident drivers in Richmond.

Get a Professional Driving Instructor in Richmond

Benche driving school has exceptional trainers and teachers with years of experience in driving and teaching. We are proud to call our team the best in the competition. The instructors at Benche Driving School are patient, kind, and polite. They treat all the students with equal respect and dignity. Moreover, they also know how to handle proactive and anxious teens. Thus, you can trust them to teach your impatient kids the defensive tactics of driving. We also have the best driving instructor in Richmond who can speak both English and Chinese. This way, you can also choose our school if you prefer lessons in the Chinese language.

Why Choose Our Lessons

Another great trait our instructors represent is patience and treating students with great care. They won’t force you to learn something if you cannot grasp a topic. Instead, they will give you time and space while brainstorming a different technique to help you understand. The course outline also involves tutoring safety measures, defensive training, and laws per the department of Transportation.

Our instructors are fully invested in teaching their students all the details about driving, no matter which course you choose. They don’t stop when they get tired and keep working to make their students exceptional. Our drivers carefully evaluate your knowledge and plan the sessions further. They only stop at the end, when they are sure the student has acquired full knowledge.

Benefits Of Choosing Us

Promising Professional Personalized Guidance in English or Mandarin Chinese


Experienced Instructors

Our instructors are ICBC certified and have years of experience to help the students gain a license on the first attempt. With the customized teaching plans and innovative, yet effective strategies to help you acquire the one soon.


Flexible Class Schedule

We acknowledge the stress of a busy schedule. Therefore, our experts coordinate with the students and design the learning plan while accommodating their daily commitments.


Affordable Fee and Payment Options

Benche Driving School experts strive to equip you with effective strategies to become an expert driver without breaking the back. We keep our pricing plans affordable and flexible for our customers.

Pass the License Test Effortlessly

Our teachers at Benche Driving School are well versed in both theory and practical regarding driving. They have been coaching for many years and know exactly how to get you through the driving license test. Besides teaching focus and tactics, they will also help you grasp a fundamental understanding of theory to get you through the knowledge test. The success of our institute all depends upon our instructors, who have helped many people in town get their class 5, and 7 driver’s licenses.

The Best Instructors in Richmond

All these qualities make our team rank among Canada’s top driving lessons providers. So, if you are still unsure about who the best driving instructor in Richmond is, tune over to our professionals. We are confident our experts will impress you with their knowledge, patience, and teaching methods and help you pass the license test swiftly.  

Class 5 Driving Lessons

Get our class 5 driving lessons and pass the road test at first attempt.

Defensive Driving Skills

We provides complete defensive driving lesson to help you become a safe driver
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