Class 7 driving Lessons in Richmond

Class 7 driving licenses can be critical and require younger individuals to grasp the driving basics. It needs careful tutoring around the theory and practical experience of the road. What could be better than getting your training by ICBC licensed instructors, and that too at affordable rates? You can get all this and the best class 7 driving lessons in Richmond at Benche Driving School.

Top Driving Institute In Richmond

At Benche Driving School, we aim to create the safest and most highly trained drivers by providing the best class 7 driving lessons in Richmond. This institution has been working around the state since 2004. All these years, we have provided nothing but state-of-the-art 5, and 7 training courses. 

Our instructors have spent more than 100k hours teaching drivers, strengthening their road grip with every lesson. They work hard to deliver the best driving practices to the drivers to keep others and themselves safe when they are on the road. Our institute has helped distribute more than 1000 driver’s licenses among new learners with their expertise.

The best approach to driver training

The most confident drivers are the ones that keep everyone safe. Our institute and its trainers are aimed to create such drivers. We take broad approaches to train future drivers and make them self-confident. This is why our trained individuals are always careful on the road and pass the license exam easily. We believe that being patient while training is critical, and we are proud of our polite and logical teachers who take the understanding of their students into account

Our Benefits

Promising Professional Personalized Guidance in English or Mandarin Chinese


Qualified and Patient Instructor

Our ICBC Licensed Instructor has more than 17 years of teaching experience in Vancouver. He had helped numerous students obtain their class 5, and 7 driving licenses in a short period of time. So join us and get your driving license on the first try.


Flexibility & Personalized Plan

Flexible scheduling is designed around your busy schedule. The lesson can happen in the region where you will have the road test. Help zero experienced students and refreshers gain confidence and have defensive and preventative driving skills.


Road Test Rental

If you don’t have a car and someone to accompany you for the road test, Benche Driving School provides a car renting service for road driving tests. You can get our services at reasonable prices. So, Get in touch today.

Our Driver’s Training Approach

The number of lessons in the procedure depends on many factors, including the punctuality of both teacher and student, paying enough attention, and the previous understanding of the learner’s concepts. The lessons we offer are formulated after years of experience in the field. Moreover, we update our training methods with the latest techniques to keep up with the growing world. The theory material is also an effective confidence booster. All this working on the lessons ensures that our drivers have an excellent knowledge base not only to qualify for the driving test but also to be safe on the Richmond roads.
Get the best class 7 driving Lessons in Richmond
At Benche Driving School, we are the providers of the most comprehensive class 7 driving program in Richmond. We focus on safe driving principles to enhance drivers’ alertness. This is transparent from the hundreds of positive reviews you can find about our company. Our drivers are professional, competent, and certified. With them sitting beside you, you won’t have to worry about missing an important detail about operating on the road. To make sure you don’t miss such perfect instructors, enroll in our class 7 driving lessons now.

Class 5 Driving Lessons

Get our class 5 driving lessons and pass the road test at first attempt.

Defensive Driving Skills

We provides complete defensive driving lesson to help you become a safe driver
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