Build Confidence With Mock Tests For Drivers

Getting a provisional driving license, and passing the theory test is an achievement, but it does not overrule the importance of mock tests for drivers. A practical driver test has its own set of challenges that you cannot overcome without professional guidance and extensive real-time practice. 

At Benche Driving School, we provide a facility to take mock tests in a realistic test environment giving you a brief outlook of what to expect on the actual day. Under expert supervision, we provide our students safe space to make mistakes and learn from them. The practice complemented with constructive feedback empowers you to confidently pass your official test.

Significance Of Our Mock Test

Learning the manual and controls of a vehicle is not enough to pass the driving test. There are certain sets of challenges that require real-time practice. Through mock tests for drivers, you power up your expertise with confidence to tackle road scenarios.

Our strategically designed standby road tests give you insights into your preparation. Here is how our road test prepares you for an official license trial.


Familiarize With Test Formal

Under a controlled, simulated, and exactly similar environment, format, and structure of the actual exam, you will get exposure to what you can expect on the test day. With road test routes practice and expert guidance, you will experience reduced anxiety and be prepared for the real test.

Assessment Of Skills

The mock test provides the opportunity to evaluate their skills and readiness for the exam. By identifying the area of weakness, you can focus on the particular area to be prepared in every aspect.

Practice In Realistic Condition

The standby road tests give you exposure to real-world driving conditions such as diverse types of turns, road signs, traffic, and different road scenarios that help you develop the confidence and skills to navigate all paths safely in real-time.

Feedback and Improvement

This is the best part of our mock tests for drivers. Our qualified, experienced, and patient instructors provide you with professional feedback. They not only enlighten you about your strengths and weaknesses, but they also guide you on how to bridge the gap and refine your skills.

Time Management

The mock driving tests also help the learner practice time management skills. This skill helps you complete the path passing through all hurdles within the determined time frame.

Why Should You Choose Our Mock Test

Benche Driving School has been teaching aspiring drivers for many years. We assess your level and take you through all driving scenarios and situations. From road test routes practice to contemplating rules and regulations, our instructors ensure you guide you and help you prepare in all aspects. 

Benche Driving School’s experts have years of experience and prepare you to deal with all hazards. They have helped numerous learners pass their driving exams with confidence. At our driving school, you can power up your driving skills  under:

  • Positive learning environment 
  • Individual attention and customized teaching plans 
  • Affordable pricing plan 

The educated and experienced instructors strive to develop a productive environment to optimize our driving skills.

Benefits Of Choosing Us

Promising Professional Personalized Guidance in English or Mandarin Chinese


Experienced Instructors

Our instructors are ICBC certified and have years of experience to help the students gain a license on the first attempt. With the customized teaching plans and innovative, yet effective strategies to help you acquire the one soon.


Flexible Class Schedule

We acknowledge the stress of a busy schedule. Therefore, our experts coordinate with the students and design the learning plan while accommodating their daily commitments.


Affordable Fee and Payment Options

Benche Driving School experts strive to equip you with effective strategies to become an expert driver without breaking the back. We keep our pricing plans affordable and flexible for our customers.

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest?

Customized Plans

We identify your shortcomings and design a strategic course to refine your driving skills. With our flexible and tailored teaching strategies, we help the students and refreshers gain confidence and learn defensive driving to foster safety. 

Road Test Rental 

Having a car is necessary for the driving test. If you do not own a car and have no one to accompany you, you can leverage the facility from the Bench Driving School. It offers rental cars for road tests at affordable rates. 

Qualified and Skilled Instructors

Our licensed driving instructors in Vancouver have around one and a half decades of teaching experience. With their theoretical and practical training, they have successfully helped numerous students in passing their driving test in a short time. 

Register With Us To Start Your Career

Do not let your driving test be a success by chance. Boost up the confidence and driving skills to embrace every road challenge confidently and expertly by taking mock tests for drivers. Our driving lessons are uniquely tailored to meet your specific requirements fostering a personalized and effective learning experience. 

Are you planning to attempt to acquire a driver’s license? Register yourself at Benche Driving School for individualized training and ultimate success.

Class 5 Driving Lessons

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We provides complete defensive driving lesson to help you become a safe driver
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